Sabrina, a tini boszorkány
Sabrina, a tini boszorkány

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  2004.10.22. 14:25


Sabrina, The Teenage Witch
A Halloween Story
Written By - Nell Scovell
Transcribed By - Paul Booth


Sabrina - Melissa Joan Hart
Hilda - Caroline Rhea
Zelda - Beth Broderick
Salem - Nick Bakay
Harvey - Nate Richert
Libby - Jenna Leigh Green
Sally Jessy Raphaël - Sally Jessy Raphaël
Amanda - Emily Hart
Granny - Diane McBain
Marigold - Robin Riker
M’Lady - Linda Kash
Mr Altree - Jay Kogen
James Dean - Phillip Glasser

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the characters in this transcript, nor do I own any rights to the television show Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. It was created by Nell Scovell and belongs to her, Viacom Productions Inc, Hartbreak Films, and the ABC Television network. The characters are based on the original characters appearing in Archie Comics.


Int. Spellman kitchen. Jack-o-lantern's decorate the room, Hilda and Zelda are happy and sing as they prepare breakfast.

Hilda and Zelda- (Singing) Halloween, o’happy day. Halloween o’ ha-ppy day.

With a flick of her finger hilda lights the last lantern on the last note. Sabrina comes down the stairs with her nap sack ready for school.

Sabrina- What are you doing with Salem? I heard him screeching.

Zelda- Very funny, we were singing a Halloween carol.

Hilda- Yes! Happy Halloween. I bet you couldn’t sleep last night with all the excitement and anticipation?

Sabrina- I managed.

Zelda- Well that’s not the spirit. Halloween is our favourite holiday, it’s a magical night.

Hilda- Yes, sing it Zeldy.

Zelda- (Singing) Have a jolly-olly-hollo-Halloween.

Hilda drags Sabrina up to dance but it’s too early for her to expend that much energy.

Sabrina- Please stop singing. Look, I’m trying okay, I’m going to school in a costume. Guess who I am?

She takes a pair of plastic red rimmed glassless glasses and puts them on. Her aunts just look at her blankly.

Sabrina- (Cont.) Sally Jesse Raphaël. What, do I need a microphone?

Hilda- That is the lamest costume I’ve ever seen.

Zelda- It’s just a pair of glasses.

Sabrina- There’s no foolin’ you. Well if you can do better, be my guest.

Her aunts look at each other and nod, Hilda points. There’s a puff of smoke where Sabrina was stood, it clears to reveal her transformed into Sally Jesse Raphaël. Complete down to every hair follicle. She even sounds like her.

Hilda- There.

Zelda- Much better.

Sabrina- What did you do? Oh man!

She goes and checks herself out in the mirror.

Sabrina- (Cont.) Next up, we are going to talk to a teenage witch and aunts who take things too far.

Zelda and Hilda- (Singing) Have a jolly-olly-hollo-Halloween. Have a jolly-olly-hollo-Halloween.

Run opening credits.

Int. Westbridge High School hallway. Sabrina walks round the corner in her costume, that’s the plastic red glasses, not the complete body suit, and sees Harvey. She quickly whips off the glasses before he sees them.

Harvey- Hey Sabrina, I got somethin’ for you. It’s kinda last minute but here.

He gives her an invitation card.

Harvey- (Cont.) My parents are making me have an Halloween party.

Sabrina- Bummer, next thing you know they’ll make you go on a ski trip.

Harvey- No see my Dad always buys in bulk at these discount clubs and we got a lot of snack food that expire in November.

Sabrina- Oh so that’s why it says all food must be eaten by midnight.

Harvey- I’m thinking about going as James Dean.

Sabrina- I love James Dean.

Harvey- Yeah, and all I needs a white T shirt, some jeans and somethin’ to lean on. Anyway I was hoping you could come early and help me set stuff up?

Sabrina- Oh I can’t.

The school bell rings and they start walking to class.

Sabrina- (Cont.) I’ve got a family thing. My aunts take Halloween very seriously. I know it’s weird.

Harvey- No, no, my mom’s that way about flag day.

Sabrina- Well I wish I could help, I feel really bad.

Libby comes by.

Libby- I’ve got your invitation Harvey, see you at eight. Unless you need me to come early and help?

Harvey- Sure.

Libby- No problem.

She leaves.

Harvey- (To Sabrina) Hey, and now you don’t have to feel bad.

He leaves her feeling very, very bad.

Int. Spellman living room. Hilda sits at the piano as Sabrina pleads her case to her and Zelda

Sabrina- Please, I have to go to Harvey’s party

Zelda- No!

Sabrina- What if I promise to be with the family all thanksgiving?

Hilda- We’re not big on thanksgiving. That holiday was started by puritans who weren’t exactly witch friendly.

Sabrina- So instead we celebrate a night devoted to little kids dressing up like super-hero’s?

Zelda- That is not what all hallows eve is all about. It’s a time for remembering the dead.

Sabrina- Oh that sounds like fun. I just know I’ll have a terrible time.

Hilda- And that’s what family gatherings are all about. D’you think I want to listen to cousin Marigold brag about how married she is and how single I am? No.

Zelda- But we go, because it’s tradition.

Hilda- And Zelda makes me.

Sabrina- And now you're making me?

Hilda- See? Tradition.

Zelda- I tell you what. If we get back in time you can still go to Harvey’s party, okay?

Sabrina- Not okay, Libby’s going early, so unless I’m there from the start I may as well go to the Other Realm and never come back.

She stomps off upstairs in defeat.

Hilda- (To Zelda) Can I go to Harvey’s party?

Int. Sabrina’s bedroom. Salem’s resting on Sabrina’s bed but he’s disturbed by her coming in and slamming her door behind her.

Sabrina- It’s so unfair they can’t make me go to the Other Realm.

Salem- They made me a cat, you're messing with the wrong crowd.

Sabrina- So there’s no way I can go to Harvey’s party?

Salem- There might be. Get your magic book, turn to full body duplication.

Sabrina- what’s that?

She gets the book and flips through the pages.

Salem- You can make a double who looks and acts just like you.

Sabrina- Perfect, I’ll send my double to the family thing.

Salem- No can do, your aunts’d spot the switch in no time.

Sabrina- Well then my double will hold my place until I can be with Harvey.

She finds the spell in the book.

Sabrina- (Cont.) Here goes. Double, double. Toil and trouble.

Salem- Bill Shakspere stole that from us, what a hack.

There’s no puff of smoke, no twinkly lights or sounds and decidedly no double.

Sabrina- It didn’t work.

Salem- Step aside.

She does and leaves behind a perfect duplicate of herself down to every hair follicle... Oh, De jávú!

Sabrina- Wow! Amazing.

Salem- It can’t talk until you give it something to say and keep in mind it can only say three sentences.

Sabrina- Let me think. I want my double to be positive because people are always feel positive about positive people.

Salem- My tuna’s coming up.

Sabrina- So lets start with... ‘I’d love to.’

She points at her double and it turns to her and smiles.

Sabrina mk2- I’d love to.

Sabrina- Okay, and I want me to be a good listener so lets try. ‘That is so true.’

She points again.

Sabrina mk2- That is so true.

Sabrina- And we need a universal truth. Oh that’s easy. ‘Mr Pool can be so annoying.’

She points once more.

Sabrina mk2- Mr Pool can be so annoying.

Sabrina- Well then I guess I’m... we’re all set, except I need a costume.

One final point and the duplicate Sabrina is dressed in a lovely little black witches outfit complete with pointy hat.

Sabrina- (Cont.) Hey I look really cute.

Sabrina mk2- That is so true.

Sabrina- (To Salem) I like me.

Salem- He-he-he-he.

Ext. Harveys front garden. Jackie Kennedy walks up to the front door and rings the bell, Oh sorry, it’s Libby in her costume. Sabrina and her double are hiding behind the hedge.

Sabrina- (Whispering) Okay, that’s Libby, she’s really annoying.

Sabrina mk2- Mr Pool can be so annoying.

Sabrina- Now your mission is to make sure she’s never alone with Harvey, okay? Go.

The double gets up and nips through the hedge to stand at Libby’s shoulder. Libby touches up her face with her compact and turns to find she’s not alone.

Libby- Sabrina! You're not supposed to be here, you are totally butting in.

Sabrina mk2- That is so true.

Harvey answers the door in his James Dean outfit. It has the added touch of a red wind cheater. He leans against the door frame for effect.

Harvey- Hey Libby, hi Sabrina, you made it! You know you look really good as a witch.

Libby- Harvey, did you notice I’m dressed as Jackie O?

Harvey- Very classy. D’you guys wanna come in?

Sabrina mk2- I’d love to.

Harvey- Great, Sabrina and I’ll put out the sodas and Jackie you can fill the bath tub with cheesits.

Jackie glares at the witch as they both go inside. Sabrina still watches from behind the hedge.

Sabrina- Yes! I’m in.

Int. Spellman upstairs landing. Zelda is in chivying mode.

Zelda- Come on you three, even with instantaneous transport we’re going to be late.

Salem’s the first to arrive up the stairs done up is his Sunday best white, winged collar and red bow tie.

Salem- Coming. Coming.

Zelda- Salem you look adorable.

Salem- I feel like a Chippendale's cat.

Sabrina’s next to arrive from her bedroom. She’s dressed in the same top and jeans she’s worn all day.

Sabrina- Okay, I’m ready.

Zelda- You are not going dressed like that.

Sabrina- Well then I guess I’m not going.

She turns back towards her room.

Zelda- Sabrina! I know you have something more appropriate. What about this.

She points at her niece and gives her a quick change into a pretty pink silk mini dress with matching stockings and shoes.

Sabrina- Please, I only wore this dress to make Granny happy, now she’s passed away I’m done with it.

Zelda- Oh come on, it looks sweet on you.

Sabrina- That’s what Granny used to say.

Hilda’s the last to show but she’s definately up for it. She bustles from her room heading straight for the linen closet.

Hilda- Lets get this show on the road.

Zelda- You look nice Hilda.

Hilda- Pass the potato’s

Salem- Someone’s in a hurry.

Hilda- Happy Halloween.

Zelda- Hold on. What colour is my dress?

Hilda- Pass the potato’s.

Zelda- (Calling to the real Hilda in her room) Hilda! you are in Big trouble.

Hilda comes out of her room looking a lot less up for it than her double did.

Hilda- Stupid double.

She walks up to her double and carries on into it absorbing the fake Hilda

Hilda- Lets go.

She opens the linen closet. Zelda, holding Salem, leads the group into the closet.

Zelda- Am I the only one looking forward to this?

Sabrina, Hilda and Salem- (Together) Yes.

The closet door closes and with a crash of thunder they’re on their way.

Int. Lift. The three witches and their cat stand listening to the piped muzak it ‘Halloween oh happy day’ Sabrina’s stands mesmerised by the floor counter as it whizzes past 97, 98, 99....

Sabrina- Are we there yet?

With a ‘bing’ the lift door’s slide open and they step out. Sabrina’s mouth drops open in surprise.

Sabrina- Wow! No wonder my ears popped on the way up.

Out of the large picture window lies the blue globe of the Earth in all it’s cloud swirling splendour.

Hilda- Oh the Earth looks so full tonight.

The hostess of the Halloween gathering spots the new arrivals and rushes over to greet them.

Marigold- Zelda!

Zelda- Marigold.

They kiss each other on the cheek without actually touching in that way that screams insincere.

Marigold- And Hilda.

They copy the same gesture.

Marigold- (Cont.) That outfit always looks so nice on you.

Hilda- Thank’s... wait!

Marigold- I see you’ve brought your cat, but no dates?

Zelda- No Marigold, we’re still not married.

Marigold- Don’t, I’ll cry. Oh and this must be Sabrina. I’d heard you’d gone to live with your aunts, is it okay?

Sabrina- Yes, it’s fine.

Zelda- We love having her with us.

Marigold- Well a niece, it’s almost like having a daughter. (To Sabrina) My little girl, Amanda, is right here. You get to sit with her.

Sabrina- Oh goody, we can talk about dolls.

She glares at her aunts.

Marigold- Zelda, Hilda, you’ll sit with me and Salem you’ll be with the cat.

Salem- Swell.

Marigold- You can all take your seats, I’ll check on the consommé or as Hilda would call it, soup.

Marigold leaves and Hilda turns to Zelda.

Hilda- What’s wrong with soup?

Zelda- Don’t start. Oh look, uncle Noonie, here Sabrina.

She hands Salem over to Sabrina and goes to talk to uncle Noonie.

Zelda- (Cont.) Uncle Noonie!

She slaps her forehead remembering that her uncle is stone deaf.

Zelda- (Cont.) UNCLE NOONIE!

Sabrina- (To Salem) I can’t believe I have to sit at the kiddie table.

Salem- I can’t believe I have to sit at the kitty table. Wait, gimme a sec, M’lady’s here.

Sabrina- Who’s that?

Salem- Marigold’s pet, she thinks her litter box doesn’t stink and what a lush.

Sabrina carries Salem over to join another black cat at their table. M’Lady wears a diamond choker type collar and is being served by a waiter.

M’Lady- Oh catnip, don’t mind if I do.

Salem- Okay, here we go.

M’lady- Hello Salem.

Salem- Hello M’Lady.

With Salem settled Sabrina goes to join Amanda at the kiddie table. Amanda is a pretty eight year old.

Sabrina- Hi Amanda, I’m your cousin, Sabrina.

Amanda- You better be nice to me or I’ll put you in a jar.

Sabrina- Excuse me?

Amanda- I put all the people who aren’t nice to me in jars.

She picks up a jar from beside her and puts it on the table. It’s an ordinary screw top glass jar except for the tiny man in it.

Amanda- (Cont.) This is Mr Altree, he tried to teach me math.

Sabrina- Can he breath in there?

Amanda- Yes, I gave him air holes. Here’s a math problem Mr Altree, five air holes minus one air hole is how many?

She places her finger over one of the air holes.

Mr Altree- No, please! I wanna live.

He gets down on his knees and begs.

Mr Altree- (Cont.) I wanna live!

Amanda- See, nobody likes pop quizzes.

She takes the jar from the table as Mr Altree continues to beg.

Mr Altree- I wanna live.

Amanda- (To Sabrina) Do you wanna put someone in a jar?

Sabrina- No, my aunts taught me it’s not nice to use magic to hurt other people.

Amanda- Well my parents let me use magic any time I want and I don’t even have to ask.

Sabrina- (Under her breath) Brat.

Amanda- What was that?

Sabrina- Nothing.

Amanda glares at her.

At the other table Hilda, Zelda and Marigold sit together, well almost together. Hilda's kind of out on her own with an empty seat between her and the other two.

Hilda- Why do I have to sit by myself, can't I move over one seat?

Marigold- No, I'm saving this for my husband. Poor Harold's been working so much these days I'm not sure he'll make it but someone's got to bring home the basudo.

Hilda- (Under her breath) What's wrong with bacon?

Sabrina comes over to have a word with Zelda.

Sabrina- Aunt Zelda, can we go yet?

Zelda- Sabrina we just got here.

Amanda has chased after Sabrina.

Amanda- Don't you walk away from me, I wanna braid your hair.

She takes hold of Sabrina's arm and drags her back to the kiddie table.

Int. Harvey's house. James Dean, leans against the wall while James Dean leans against the mantle piece, meantime James Dean leans against the door jam and James Dean dances with Marilyn Monroe. It seems every guy has come as James Dean. Libby moves along the table checking out the dips and chips. Sabrina's double is like her shadow, never leaving her side. James Dean joins them.

Harvey- Did anyone eat anything?

Libby- Deany took a handful of pretzels.

Harvey- Great, I'd better refill.

He reaches under the table for a large bag of pretzels and tips a load into the bowl.

Libby- Isn't the music kind of loud Harvey?

Harvey- I don't know, the neighbours haven't complained.

A police siren sounds from outside.

Harvey- (Cont.) I'd better go check that out. (Calling over to James Dean) Hey, turn it down.

Harvey leaves and Libby turns to watch him go almost stepping on Sabrina's double in the process. She gives the double a dirty look and walks over to another table. The double follows on her heals with a bright smile on it's face. Libby's had enough.

Libby- Will you leave me alone?

She walks back to the first table, the double follows at the double smiling happily.

Libby- (Cont.) Would you stop smiling at me! Oh you are such a goody two shoes.

Sabrina mk2- That is so true.

Libby- Well at least you admit it. Y'know I'd like you a lot more if you'd just make fun of people but I suppose you would never do that.

Sabrina mk2- Mr Pool can be so annoying.

Libby- That's a start.

Int. Spellman family gathering. The kiddie table. They are on to desserts, at least Amanda is as she's having hers as a starter. Sabrina looks on with her hair in two braids.

Sabrina- You're going to ruin your dinner.

Amanda- My parents let me eat ice cream whenever I want, my nanny said it would rot my teeth so I put her in a jar.

Sabrina- You know you should really find other ways of dealing with people.

Amanda- What's that supposed to mean?

Sabrina- Just that, you know you don't have to put everyone you don't like in a jar.

Amanda- That's what my psychologist said, so I put him in a jar.

Sabrina- (Under her breath) Brat.

Amanda- I heard that one.

Sabrina looks a little worried. While at the kitty table. M’Lady's got her nose buried in the catnip.

Salem- Slow down M’Lady.

M’Lady- Hey! I can handle it.

And at the aunts table Marigold is entertaining them with holiday snaps of the family.

Marigold- And that's Harold and me in front of our villa. You know if either one of you ever has a honeymoon you really must take it in the south of France. On second thoughts don't wait, I wouldn't want you to miss out.

Hilda- Excuse me, I'm in no hurry to get married.

Zelda- That's right, Hilda is single completely by choice because she refuses to settle for any of the losers she's been dating.

Marigold- And Zelda, what's your excuse?

Hilda- Zelda doesn't need an excuse, she's passionate about her intellectual pursuits. Her love life is all in her head.

Amanda arrives to show Mummy what she's been up to.

Amanda- Mommy, look what I did.

She slams a glass jar down on the table.

Zelda- Is that Sabrina!

Hilda- What did you do to her?

Amanda- She wouldn't colour with me.

Marigold- Oh, that is so cute.

The tiny Sabrina bangs on the sides of her glass prison.

Sabrina- (To her aunts) Can we please go home now?, I'm really not having any fun. (To Amanda) I'll colour with you Amanda, please let me out.

Int. Harvey's house. Libby's getting to like having an attentive audience, even if it is Sabrina.

Libby- I chose Jackie because, well I sort of see myself as the first lady of Westbridge High.

Sabrina mk2- That is so true.

Libby- Thanks.

Harvey dashes in and sees that the party is dieing on it's feet with the music turned off. He joins Libby and Sabrina's double.

Harvey- This party is dieing, we've gotta do something. Oh man, the onion dip is bubbling.

He grabs the bowl and runs to the kitchen.

Libby- What this party needs is something big, something wild. I know, someone should streak. It's fun, it's fast, it's naked.

Sabrina mk2- I'd love to.

Libby- You'd streak?

Sabrina mk2- I'd love to.

Libby- Sabrina, this is a whole new you.

Harvey returns.

Harvey- Man this party's boring, I'd leave if it weren't mine.

Libby- Harvey, I've got it taken care of. Sabrina's going to streak.

Harvey- What! You're kidding?

He takes Sabrina's doubles hand and pulls her aside.

Harvey- Sabrina, look I appreciate you trying to help out my party but streaking is never the answer. Don't you know you'd be teased for the rest of high school?

Sabrina mk2- That is so true.

Harvey- Then why are you doing it?

Sabrina mk2- Mr Pool can be so annoying.

Harvey- Don't change the subject. Look, this isn't like you, why are you acting so weird?

Sabrina mk2- I'd...that...Mr..

Harvey- (Interrupting) I can't even talk to you, I feel so alienated.

He puts his hands in his jacket pockets and walks away from her with a James Dean swagger.

Int. Spellman family gathering. Salem dines with a depressed, half cut cat.

M’Lady- Salem, you're the only one who understands me.

Salem- Yeah, but it doesn't mean I care.

At the other table Sabrina comes up to her aunts.

Sabrina- Dinners over, can we go now?

Zelda- We got you out of the jar, stop whining.

Marigold- Alright everyone, Time to open presents.

Amanda runs over, excited as all eight year olds are at the prospect of pressies.

Amanda- Yeah!

Marigold- Amanda darling, you go first.

Amanda- It better be good.

She starts ripping away the wrapping paper.

Hilda- (To Zelda) There's nothing like watching Halloween through the eyes of a spoiled child.

Amanda- A solid gold dolly, thank you mommy.

Marigold- It's from mommy and daddy.

Hilda- We got Sabrina something to.

Zelda- Oh here you go.

She hands Sabrina a small envelope.

Zelda- (Cont.) It's from both of us.

Hilda- Happy Halloween.

Marigold- Oh, a nice card. Kids love those.

Sabrina opens the envelope and takes out the card.

Sabrina- (Reading) It's a gift certificate to spend half an hour with the deceased of your choice. What's this?

Marigold- You got her a reanimation? Those are very pricey.

Amanda- I want a reanimation. I want a reanimation. I WANT A REANIMATION

Marigold drags her screaming child away.

Sabrina- This is the weirdest gift, what do I do with it?

Hilda- It's yours to spend as you like.

Zelda- But you must use it tonight, the gap between the living and the dead is weakest on all hallows eve

Sabrina- Well then maybe one of you should use it. You know I really just wanna get back to Harvey's party and see him dressed like James Dean.

Hilda- Why not meet the real James Dean?

Sabrina- I could do that?!

Zelda- Hm-hm.

Sabrina- How does it work?

Int. Reanimation room. Sabrina enters the tastefully decorated pink room that matches her pink dress with her aunts.

Zelda- Now you just fill in the name of who you wanna see and put it through that mail-slot.

Sabrina- Now how do I know I'm going to get the real James Dean and not the sausage guy?

Hilda- First of all, the sausage guy is still alive but just in case write 'Star of Rebel without a cause.'

Sabrina sits on the small couch as Zelda hands her a pen. She bends down to write on the small table.

Sabrina- This is so great. Wait, I have a better idea.

She writes on the card carefully covering it from her aunts view with her free hand. When Hilda tries to peep she glares up at her making her aunt suddenly admire the decor. Finished she quickly inserts the card into the slot in the wall.

Sabrina- (Cont.) Now what?

Zelda- We leave, This is your own personal, private moment.

Hilda- Who did you chose?

Zelda- Hilda!

She grabs her sister by the arm and drags her from the room. Sabrina sits on the couch and waits for something to happen. After a moment the lights begin to flicker and a door at the back opens revealing a silver-haired woman in a gold knit dress.

Granny- Sabrina!

Sabrina- Granny?

They hug.

Sabrina- (Cont.) I missed you so much.

Granny- Oh I've missed you to. Oh let me take a look at you, you look so sweet in that dress.

They smile and hug once more.

Int. Spellman family gathering. Zelda and Hilda are back with Marigold.

Marigold- That was a lovely gift, Harold gave me this.

She shows them the gold and diamond necklace she's wearing.

Marigold- (Cont.) I picked it out myself.

Zelda- Which reminds me.

She reaches under the table and pulls out a gift wrapped box.

Zelda- (Cont) Hilda, I got you a little something.

Hilda- Zelda! You said we weren't going to exchange gifts this year.

Zelda- I know but I couldn't help myself.

Hilda- Me neither.

She hands a gift wrapped box to Zelda.

Marigold- Thank God you have each other.

They each hold up their presents and after a moment look at one another. The butterfly pattern scarves are identical.

Zelda- We've been living together way too long.

M’Lady- (OS) Meow! give that back, I know when I've had enough catnip.

Marigold- Oh no, the cat's sauced again.

She gets up and goes to see to the drunken pussy.

Hilda- Why does one of our relatives always have to get drunk?

Salem pads along the table to them.

Salem- You are not going to believe what M’Lady just blurted out.

Zelda- What?

Salem- Come close. (Whispering) Marigold and Harold are getting a divorce.

Zelda- I don't belive it, Marigold is splitting up with Harold?

Hilda- Oh, this is the best Halloween ever.

Int. Reanimation room. Sabrina and her Granny are having a good old gossip.

Sabrina- So I moved in with aunt Hilda and aunt Zelda, they do more weird things by 9 a.m. than most people do all day. They take really good care of me.

Granny- I always liked them. So tell me, how's school, do you still like science?

Sabrina- Yeah, my teacher, Mr Pool, can be so annoying but he's actually a good guy.

Granny- Do you have a boyfriend yet?

Sabrina- There's a guy I like, his names Harvey but right now we're just sorta friends.

Granny- Oh well he'd be a fool if he doesn't fall for you.

Sabrina- You think I'm the prettiest girl in the world.

Granny- That's because are, and smart to.

Sabrina- Thanks, but Granny there something I want to tell you only, well it's kinda strange.

Granny- Well Sabrina, you know you can always tell me anything.

Sabrina- I'm a witch.

Granny- Well dear, as long as your happy.

Int. Harvey's house. Libby comes up to Sabrina's double and starts to lead her towards the front door.

Libby- Clock's ticking. Why don't you go outside and find a place to strip.

Sabrina mk2- I'd love to.

Libby- You know Sabrina, you're new do what I say attitude is really great.

She closes the door leaving the double outside.

Libby- (Cont.) Pay attention everyone. Midnight is fifteen minutes away and I think you should all pay attention to those windows.

She points to the large French windows that look out over the garden at the side of the house.

James Dean- Why, Did the Kinkle's put on some cheesy ghost show?

Libby- No, but watch closely and you might see a full moon.

Int. Spellman family gathering. Sabrina isn't the only one having a good gossip, Salem's telling all to the aunts.

Salem- M’Lady also said that Marigold went to the south of France alone.

Hilda- But we saw Harold in the pictures?

Salem- That was a cardboard cut out.

Sabrina arrives.

Sabrina- I'm back.

Zelda- Oh, how was it?

Sabrina- It was an amazing gift. I got to see my Granny again and tell her everything’s okay. Thanks aunt Zelda.

They hug.

Sabrina- (Cont.) Thanks aunt Hilda.

Another hug.

Zelda- We're glad you liked it.

Hilda- And now it's time to leave.

The cat's not the only one that Marigold is having problems with.

Marigold- Amanda darling, When someone gives you a gift you're meant to say thank you.

Amanda- Fine.

She turns to the elderly couple who have given her the present and smiles.

Amanda- (Cont.) Thank you.

She then throws the present down on the ground. It smashes.

Marigold- Now that's verging on rude.

Zelda taps Marigold on the shoulder as Amanda barges past the old couple to get away.

Zelda- We've come to say good bye and to thank you, you've made our evening in so many ways.

Hilda- We hope it wasn't too stressful. You know planning the party, preparing the food, divorcing Harold.

Marigold - No the... what!

Zelda- Oh we know all about it, the cat blabbed but don't worry, you'll love being alone.

Hilda- Filling your days with romance novels. lean cuisines, internet chat rooms.

Marigold- Oh God, I'm going to be just like you. (Sob)

She goes off crying.

Zelda- Oh Hilda, we've made her cry.

Hilda- Oh how awful we must feel. lets go.

Int. Lift. The Halloween carol piped music plays and Sabrina, her aunts and Salem bob their heads to it.

Sabrina- You know, I really had a good time.

Hilda- Me to.

Salem- Me three.

Zelda- I told you family gatherings were fun.

Int. Spellman family gathering. All the guests are gone, there's just Marigold, Amanda, who charges round the room waving napkins about, and M’Lady left.

Marigold- It's still better to be a divorcee than a spinster right?

M’Lady- Ah stuff it!

She falls face first into her bowl of catnip.

Amanda- Mommy, I'm hungry, I want a ham berger.

Marigold- Not now dear, it's not a good time.

Amanda- But I want it now! NOW! NOW NOW!...

Marigold points at her precious little girl and in a puff of smoke Amanda is quietened by the thickness of the glass in the jar that she's in.

Marigold- I think somebody needs a time out.

Amanda- You'll be sorry, I'm telling daddy where you've hid the silver.

Marigold- Oh really!

Int. Sabrina's bedroom. Sabrina sits on her chaise lounge reading as Salem comes in and is surprised to find her there.

Salem- Whoa, what happened to Harvey's party?

Sabrina- Oh I decided to stay in and read some of Granny's letters.

Salem- Are you nuts? you can't leave a double running around.

Sabrina- Oh I forgot. I gotta change!

She dashes to her wardrobe but slides to a stop on her stockinged feet as she remembers.

Sabrina- (Cont.) Oh wait, I'm a witch.

She points at herself.

Ext. Harvey's front garden. Sabrina's double is once more hidden behind the hedge, this time for modesty’s sake as she hands her black witch dress over to Libby.

Libby- Now I've got your clothes, I'll wait for you on the other side. Count to ten.

Libby leaves, The double remains behind the hedge smiling happily.

Libby- (Cont.) (OS) Ten...nine...eight...

The real Sabrina arrives in a matching cute black witches outfit and walks right passed her hidden, naked double. She's about to go in when she remembers.

Sabrina- Oops, I'm already here.

Libby- (OS) seven...six... five... four...

Sabrina points at herself and a black bandit mask covers her upper face.

Libby- (Cont.) (OS) Three... two... one.

Sabrina enters as her double dashes from behind the hedge.

Int. Harvey's house. Everyone is crowded round the French windows as Sabrina enters.

Sabrina- Hey, what's everyone looking at?

James Dean- Sabrina's gonna streak. There she is.

A flash of naked flesh dashes past the window topped with a black pointy witches hat. There's a lot Whoo-ing and cheering from the room. Sabrina stands open mouthed in shocked horror.

Harvey- I can't believe Sabrina did that.

Sabrina- I didn't.

She takes off her mask and hat.

Sabrina- (Cont.) That wasn't me.

Harvey- Sabrina, you're here!

Sabrina- Yeah, where else would I be?

Harvey- I new Libby couldn't make you streak, but then who was that?

Sabrina- Er, I don't see Libby anywhere, I guess it must have been her.

Harvey- That was Libby? Hey everybody, that was Libby streaking.

Laughter ripples round the room just as Libby enters from the kitchen.

Libby- Wasn't that fun?

Libby gets a round of applause and more laughter.

Libby- (Cont.) I'm glad you all enjoyed it.

She turns and sees Sabrina standing there.

Libby- (Cont.) How'd you get in here so quick?

Sabrina- What are you talking about? I've been here the whole time.

Libby- I just gave you your clothes outside.

Harvey- Oh give it up Libby, we all know you're the one who streaked.

Libby- I did not!

James Dean- Yes you did, we saw your butt.

The room cracks up laughing again.

Libby- That was not me. You are all so immature.

She runs out of the house on the verge of tears.

Sabrina- Well my aunts were right, Halloween is a magical night.

Harvey- Now I know I blew up at you before but do you think you could stay late and help me clean up?

Sabrina- I'd love to.... I mean I'd really enjoy that but first I've got to get some fresh air.

Harvey- Hey I don't blame you, those expiration dates are a lot more precise that you'd think.

Ext. Harvey's house. Sabrina comes into the front garden.

Sabrina- Sabrina, Sabrina!

The double stands up behind the hedge still trying to get it's dress back on. It's lost a sleeve somewhere along the way but she smiles happily none the less.

Sabrina- (Cont.) Hey look at you, you put your dress on backwards, man I'm a mess. Come on, lets get it together.

She walks into the double and it's absorbed back into her.

Sabrina- Great everything's back to normal... That is so true...weird!

She goes back to the party.

Int. Sabrina's bedroom. Sabrina sits in her chair and talks to you.

Run credits.

Sabrina- Hi, I'd like to take half a minute to talk to you about the true meaning of Halloween. It's not about candy and costumes, it's about family and showing them how much you care. So don't buy into the hype and commercialisation of the season. This Halloween, stay home with your loved ones. Just gather round the jack-o-lantern and remember, the true meaning of Halloween is inside you. Right Salem?

Salem- There's a pound of candy corn inside me.

Sabrina- Ignore him. Happy Halloween.

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