Sabrina, a tini boszorkány
Sabrina, a tini boszorkány

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  2004.10.22. 14:33

Sabrina a tükörben

Sabrina, The Teenage Witch
Sabrina Through the Looking Glass
Written By - Nell Scovell
Transcribed By - Paul Booth


Sabrina/Anirbas - Melissa Joan Hart
Hilda/Adlih - Caroline Rhea
Zelda/Adlez - Beth Broderick
Salem/Melas - Nick Bakay
Harvey/Yevrah - Nate Richert
Jenny/Ynnej - Michelle Beaudoin
Libby/Ybbil - Jenna Liegh Green
Brady Anderson - Brady Anderson
Drawoh - James D. Fields

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the characters in this transcript, nor do I own any rights to the television show Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. It was created by Nell Scovell and belongs to her, Viacom Productions Inc, Hartbreak Films, and the ABC Television network. The characters are based on the original characters appearing in Archie Comics.


Int. Spellman living room. Sabrina is spending some quality time with her aunts. Zelda and Sabrina are stood on their heads on a matt. Hilda is just pretending.

Zelda- Now stretch and focus. Can you feel the blood rushing to your brain?

Sabrina- No but I feel my lunch making a move.

She lowers her feet to the mat and sits. Hilda does the same.

Hilda- This is no fun!

Zelda- If you don’t enjoy yoga you don’t have to do it.

Hilda- It’s easy for you to say, you’re winning.

Zelda- There is no winning and losing in yoga. It’s different from other sports.

Sabrina- It’s more spiritual. And you can’t get hit in the face with a ball.

Zelda- Now let’s move on to a meditation. Assume the lotus position.

She hooks her right foot over her left thigh and her left foot over her right thigh. Sabrina and Hilda don’t have the same flexibility.

Hilda- Can we assume I’ve assumed the lotus position?

Zelda- Now lets chant. Ommm!

Zelda, Sabrina and Hilda- Ommm!

Sabrina- Ummm what do we do now?

Zelda- We empty our minds.

Hilda- That I can do.

Zelda- Now release your burdens and lighten your load.

Sabrina closes her eyes and starts chanting again.

Sabrina- Ommm!

Her loads feeling pretty light as she starts to levitate above her matt. Rising higher and higher.

Sabrina- (Cont.) Ommm!

Hilda- Zelda!

Zelda- What?

Sabrina reaches Nirvana with a thud.

Sabrina- Aw!

Well actually she has reached the ceiling and cracked her head which is a pretty heavy burden. She plummets back down to her matt and adds a bruised butt to her sore head.

Sabrina- (Cont.)(To Zelda) I thought you said this was low impact?

Run opening credits.

Int. Sabrina’s bedroom. Sabrina’s running late getting ready for school. She throws her books in her nap-sack and turns reaching for her science homework project. In her rush all she manages to do is knock it off the desk onto the floor.

Sabrina- My biosphere! Just what I needed.

She bends and picks it up. as she straightens she brushes her bangs out of her eyes and feels something.

Sabrina- (Cont.) What was that?

She walks over to the mirror feeling the fleshy lump on her forehead and takes her hand away. A look of horror spreads over her face and a scream echoes round the Spellman house. The wart is huge and ugly.

Int. Spellman Kitchen. Zelda does her daily correspondence on her lap-top, Hilda sits at the table reading the morning paper. Salem sits on the counter having breakfast.

Salem- Hilda. Would you be a love and check my stocks?

Sabrina clomps down the stairs loaded down with her nap-sack, a purple carrier bag with her biosphere in it and a huge wart on her forehead.

Sabrina- Not me! Not today!

Hilda- (To Zelda) She’s stomping already?

Sabrina- I don’t believe this. Look!

She points to her wart showing it to her aunts.

Sabrina- (To Salem) Look!

Salem- Whoa! Who’s your friend?

But rather than offering sympathy her aunts seem rather pleased about it.

Zelda- It’s her first wart as a witch.

Hilda- Oh let me get the camera.

Sabrina- No! It’s gross. How did I get it? And how can I make it go away?

Zelda- Usually they’re caused by stress. Just calm down and it’ll disappear.

Sabrina- I’m calm. I’m calm.

She glances upwards.

Sabrina- It’s still there! I can see it. What am I gonna do? Harvey and I are supposed to give a report on the rain-forest today but I am not going to school like this.

Zelda- You can’t skip school because of a wart. It’s part of being a witch.

Hilda- It happens to all of us. I once had one on the end of my nose for a decade. Ha-ha!... Actually it wasn’t that funny. I wanted to die. Just be glad you can cover yours with a baseball cap.

Hilda points giving Sabrina the required cap.

Salem- Orioles? I didn’t know you were a baseball fan.

Hilda- I’m not, I’m a Brady Anderson fan. He is hot, I love those side-burns.

Salem- Yeah, I may be a house pet but I totally see it.

Zelda- (To Sabrina) Now you’re all set. Off to school.

Sabrina- I feel like a balding middle-aged man... Only more bitter. Are you sure I can’t just make it a snow day?

Zelda- No!

Sabrina- But everything’s going wrong. Look, I even broke my biosphere.

She pulls out the large, round plastic sphere that was supossed to emmulate conditions in the South American rain-forest but now resembled a jar of dirt.

Sabrina- (Cont.) And my magic wont fix it.

Zelda- Oh I bet it’s number seven plastic. It repells magic and it can’t be recycled.

Sabrina- Great! Great! Great! Great!

Hilda- That’s the spirit.

Sabrina- I was being sarcastic!

She leaves for the school bus. Hilda turns to her sister with a shrug.

Hilda- So was I.

Int. Westbridge High School hallway. Sabrina’s bad day isn’t getting any better. Her locker door is jammed and she tugs at it angrily.

Sabrina- Oh great! Great! Great! Great!

Jenny arrives.

Jenny- Sabrina, I need your help. I have a burning question.

Sabrina- Now is not a good time Jenny. I was supossed to meet Harvey in the library five minutes ago, so can we talk about it at lunch?

She doesn’t wait for an answer before hurrying off to the library.

Jenny- (Calling after) Sure! I’ll just save my burning question till then.

On her way to meet Harvey Sabrina passes Mr. Pool.

Mr. Pool- Oh good morning Sabrina. Hey you’re an Orioles fan.

He points to her cap.

Sabrina- What? Oh yeah.

Mr. Pool- Oh love that Brady Anderson. Bet he hits another fifty homers this year huh?

Sabrina- Wouldn’t that be great.

She goes on her way.

Sabrina- (Cont.)(Under her breath) Great! Great! Great!

Int. School Library. Sabrina arrives but there’s something missing.

Sabrina- He’s not here. Great!

She sits down but doesn’t have to wait for long as Harvey arrives almost instantly.

Sabrina- (Cont.) Where were you? I’ve been waiting.

Harvey- Sorry. My bus was late. Hey cool hat! I didn’t know you liked the Orioles?

Sabrina- I do today.

Harvey- Well can I try it on?

He reaches for it but sabrina grabs it and jams it down over her head and her wart.

Sabrina- No! Er okay. Let me show you what I made for our project. Now first this biosphere was going to show how the rain-forest is a perfect, self-suporting ecosystem... But I dropped it. So now it shows the devastation caused by greedy timber companies.

She puts her biosphere on the table between them.

Harvey- It’s just a jar o’dirt.

Sabrina- It’s called de-forestation!

Harvey- Okay! Okay! Now I have something to show you.

He reaches down into his bag and starts rooting around.

Harvey- (Cont.) Just what our project needs. He’s the last of the spider monkeys but you can call him...

He pulls up his hand to the edge of the table to show her the cute glove-puppet monkey.

Harvey- (Cont.) Marty.

Marty- Hi Sabrina!

It’s actually Harvey who’s not a very good ventriloquist. You can see his lips moving a mile away.

Sabrina- A puppet?

Harvey- See I think our message will be much stronger if we give the tragedy of extinction a voice and a name.

Sabrina- Marty?

Harvey- We can change it. The point is he lives in the rain-forest, he has credibility. Watch.

He gets down on his knees beside the table so he’s out of site.

Marty- See my prehensile tail? It’s a feature found only in new world monkey’s.

Sabrina- I’m trying to like it.

Marty wiggles his head at her.

Sabrina- (Cont.) I’m making every effort.

Marty rocks from side to side very cutely.

Sabrina- (Cont.) I hate it.

Harvey- But it’s a guaranteed ‘A’! Mr. Pool’ll eat this up.

Sabrina- We’re sticking with the biosphere.

Harvey- You mean the jar o’dirt.

Sabrina- It’s a biosphere!

Int. Science class. Sabrina and Harvey are presenting their project.

Sabrina- As you pass the biosphere around I think you’ll see what Sting is so upset about.

Libby- It’s just a jar of dirt!

Mr. Pool- That’s enough Libby. Sabrina, please continue with your project.

Sabrina- That is the project. Huh! What’s the point?

Harvey- Yes! Um what’s the point... of the rain-forest? Well it’s-it’s home to millions of insects, plants and animals including the spider monkey.

He pulls Marty out from behind his back.

Marty- Did someone say spider monkey?

Harvey- Who are you?

Marty- I’m Marty, the rain-forest spokesmonkey.

Mr. Pool- Delightful!

Sabrina- (Under her breath) Harvey! Put the monkey down.

Harvey looks across at her but decides to push ahead.

Marty- We begin our story deep in the Amazon...

Sabrina Buries her head in her hands and pulls her cap brim down over her face to hide her embarrassment.

Int. Science class. later.

Marty- ...So weep not for me, weep for the fate of the earth.

Harvey- Isn’t that right Sabrina?

Sabrina’s moved her seat away to the side and is hiding under her hat. She lifts her head.

Sabrina- What? Oh er yeah! What the puppet said.

Mr. Pool- It was terrific! Very creative. You-you really brought extinction to life. Now before class ends, are there any questions.

Libby raises her hand.

Libby- Yeah! Are you two free for my little brothers birthday party?

The bell goes and everyone makes for the door. Sabrina leading the rush.

Mr. Pool- Alright, er read chapter twenty-seven and how about a big hand for Harvey and Sabrina huh?

He claps but it’s a lone effort.

Int. School hallway. Harvey catches up with Sabrina at her locker.

Sabrina- I have never been so embarrassed in my whole life.

Harvey- What! Come on, the monkey saved our butts.

Libby- (Walking past) Hey guys, can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?

Sabrina- See? Everyone thought it was lame.

Harvey- Mr. Pool didn’t.

Sabrina- Like I care what Mr. Pool thinks!

Harvey- (Whispering) Sabrina!

He nods behind her and she turns to see Mr. Pool talking to another teacher just behind her.

Sabrina- Oh great! I need sugar, I’m going to lunch.

Marty- Can I come too?

Sabrina- Look, I just want to eat alone.

She walks off leaving Harvey and Marty with their own company.

Harvey- (To Marty) I was just trying to cheer her up.

Int. School cafeteria. Sabrina sits eating her pudding and reading but she doesn’t get her wish to eat alone.

Jenny- Hi Sabrina. ‘The Bell Jar’! Three puddings! This can’t be good.

Sabrina- It’s not.

Jenny- D’you wanna talk about it?

Sabrina- No. Didn’t you have a burning question or something?

Jenny- Oh yeah. See lately I’ve been feeling like people aren’t paying attention to me.

Sabrina- Get a puppet.

Jenny- No, I wa-I was thinking of cutting my hair just to shake things up but it’s a big decision.

Sabrina- Or fifty thousand little ones.

Jenny- I’m serious. Sometimes I feel like I’m a prisoner of my own curls.

Sabrina- Really? That’s fascinating, please go on.

Jenny- Well when people see my hair they think...

Sabrina unobtrusively points at Jenny casting a little spell and although Jenny carries on with her thoughts on her long curls no sound reaches Sabrina. Sabrina just nods from time to time and smiles, enjoying the silence. The silence that’s interrupted by Libby.

Libby- Hey Sabrina.

Sabrina- Libby, what do you want?

Libby- You know, I forgot. There was something I wanted to ask you about your project.

As she talks she moves closer to Sabrina.

Sabrina- Yeah?

Libby- If the earth’s tropical forests are being wiped out at a rate of sixty-seven acres a minute then how come you’re wearing that stupid hat?

She reaches out and yanks the hat from Sabrina’s head revealing for all the world the grotesque wart.

Sabrina- Give it back!

Libby- What is that?

Sabrina leaps up and runs from the cafeteria. Jenny calls silently after her.

Int. School hallway. Sabrina comes out of the cafeteria and points at the school exit.

Sabrina- Snow-day!

The doors blow open as the Westbridge weather service get things very wrong again. A blizzard in August? Libby comes out of the cafeteria carrying Sabrina’s baseball cap.

Libby- Hey wart-face. You forgot your hat.

Sabrina- And you forgot you’re a goat!

She points and as John Luc Piccard often advises people she makes it so.

Sabrina- (Cont.) Go climb a mountain.

She waves the goat away and grabs her hat and heads for her locker. It’s still jammed.

Sabrina- (Cont.) Great! Great! Great!

She steps back and unleashes another spell. Her locker door flies open wrenching itself from its hinges. She grabs her coat and is off.

Int. Spellman kitchen. Sabrina enters tramping snow into the house. Zelda’s still sat at her lap-top.

Zelda- Hello Sabrina, you stormed in. O-oh! Is that your blizzard?

Sabrina- Yeah, I blanketed the entire Northeast. Oh and in local news I turned Libby into a goat.

As she speaks she takes off her coat and hat and when she’s finished she heads for the stairs but Zelda grabs her arm.

Zelda- Come talk to me. What’s the matter?

Sabrina- What’s the matter? I have to be a witch, I have to be a mortal, I have to be a teenager and I have to be a girl all at the same time. That’s what’s the matter.

She storms off upstairs.

Salem- (Calling after) Hey! At least you’ve still got your thumbs. And a door on your bathroom!

Int. Spellman upstairs landing. Hilda’s at the top of the stairs as Sabrina arrives.

Hilda- Hey look! I’ve found my Brady Anderson baseball card.

Sabrina- Who cares? Brady Anderson is nothing to me.

She stomps towards her room.

Hilda- Sabrina! How could you say such a thing?

Sabrina- I’m in a bad mood.

Hilda- Hey! I know what’ll cheer you up. Flaun.

Sabrina- Flaun?

Hilda- The happy dessert. Everyone loves the custardy goodness of a wiggly-jiggly flaun.

Sabrina- You can have my share. I just want to be left alone.

With that she turns and goes into her bedroom closing the door behind her.

Hilda- But flaun!

Int. Sabrina’s bedroom. Sabrina stands in front of her full length mirror examining her gross wart.

Sabrina- I can’t believe this. It looks awful.

There’s a shimmer across Sabrina’s image in the mirror.

anirbaS- It’s huge!

Sabrina steps back in surprise that her image can speak on it’s own.

anirbaS- (Cont.) If you took it to a movie it would want it’s own seat.

Sabrina- At least someone agrees with me. I’m so sick of people trying to cheer me up.

anirbaS- I hate when they do that. You can be in a bad mood if you want.

Sabrina- No-one else thinks so. Everyone keeps trying to make me feel better and I just want to be left alone. You know what I mean?

anirbaS- You could come in here. No-one will disturb you.

Sabrina- Can I do that?

anirbaS- Sure.

The reflection steps aside.

anirbaS- Step right through.

Sabrina- Cool!

Hardly believing it’s possible, Sabrina steps up to the mirror with her hand outstretched and walks right through into a laterally inverted world. Everything is exactly the same but reversed. Even her wart, that had been over her left eye was now over her right.

Sabrina- Wow! Everything’s swapped around.

She turns towards the window.

Sabrina- (Cont.) Okay door. Wrong!

She turns the other way.

Sabrina- (Cont.) Door! And my desk is... over there.

She walks over to it and picks up her magazine.

Sabrina- (Cont.) neetneveS magazine. Man I didn’t know there was a whole world through my mirror.

anirbaS- Yeah, it’s a great place for quiet reflection.

Sabrina- Good. I need some time to relax.

She takes her magazine over to the bed and gets comfortable as she opens it.

Sabrina- (Cont.) This *is* great.

She stares at the writing in the magazine and tries turning it upside down.

Sabrina- (Cont.) Er maybe I’ll just look at the pictures.

Int. Spellman kitchen. Zelda still tapping away on her computer as Hilda comes in from the dinning room.

Hilda- Did you hear that?

Zelda- What?

Hilda- My stomach rumbling. What’s for dinner?

Zelda- Whatever comes out of the end of your finger. I’m too busy working to cook.

Hilda- Oh I know what I want.

She points at the counter and a starter, main-course and dessert appear all in one plate of...

Hilda- (Cont.) Flaun.

She picks it up and starts shaking the plate slightly.

Hilda- (Cont.) It’s so wiggly.

Salem- I don’t know whether to eat it or attack it.

Zelda- Oh hey would you do me a favour and check on Sabrina and see what she want’s for dinner?

Hilda- I’m not sticking my head in there. She’s in a bad mood, she might bite it off. You go.

Zelda- No, you go.

Hilda- No, you go.

Zelda- No, Salem will go.

Salem- What!

Int. Spellman upstairs landing. Hilda and Zelda stand outside Sabrina’s bedroom door. Zelda holds Salem at her shoulder.

Hilda- (To Salem) Good idea. Safety in numbers.

Zelda knocks on the door.

Zelda- Sabrina! It’s dinner time!

There’s no answer.

Zelda- (Cont.) She must be sleeping.

She opens the door.

Int. Sabrina’s bedroom. The sisters enter with Salem to find the room deserted.

Hilda- She’s not here.

Zelda- Where did she go?

Hilda- I have no idea.

Salem, who is looking over Zelda’s shoulder spots a clue.

Salem- Mayday! The mirror!

Hilda and Zelda turn and take a sharp intake of breath as they see the roiling black clouds where a reflection should be in the full length mirror.

Zelda- Sabrina must have passed through the looking glass.

Fork lightning flashes in the mirror.

Hilda- Oh-no! She’s trapped in her own bad mood!

Int. Anirbas’s bedroom. The alarm goes off waking Sabrina who has dozed off on Anirbas’s bed. She quickly leans over to her left to turn it off before remembering that everything’s reversed and going to her right.

Sabrina- Seven A.M.? I must have slept straight through.

She sits up and feels at her forehead. With a smile she gets up and looks in the mirror.

Sabrina- (Cont.) Hey! My wart is gone.

Anirbas- You must have calmed down.

Sabrina- I feel so much better... but I look like a mess.

A quick point at herself and she and Anirbas are washed, showered and changed and ready to face the new day.

Sabrina- (Cont.) There. Well thanks for everything. I’d better get home and go to school.

She tries to walk through the mirror back into her own room but hey! Everyone knows you can’t walk through mirrors.

Sabrina- (Cont.) Hey! What’s going on?

Anirbas- You’re stuck. Remember you wanted to be left alone.

Anirbas laughs maniacally as the image in the mirror changes to one of roiling, dark clouds.

Sabrina- Oh-no!

She grabs for the door handle but it wont open.

Sabrina- (Cont.) Help me! Someone help me!

In answer to her call a bright shaft of light reveals a man with great side-burns.

Brady Anderson- I got it! I got it!

Sabrina- Who are you?

Brady Anderson- I’m Brady Anderson.

Sabrina- The baseball player? You’ve come to help me?

Brady Anderson- I’m thinking about it but I’m not sure. I mean you did say I was nothing to you.

Sabrina- I didn’t mean it. I was in a bad mood. Everyone was bugging me.

Brady Anderson- Well if everyone was bugging you did you consider that maybe the problem wasn’t with the rest of the world? That maybe it was with you?

Sabrina- No. I mean the things that happened weren’t my fault. And I was under a lot of stress.

Brady Anderson- Yeah I know about stress. Yankee Stadium, play-offs, twenty million viewers

Sabrina- High school, science project, very big wart.

Brady Anderson- Okay you win, but only because of the very big wart. My point is we all live with stress. That’s why you have to control your emotions and not let your emotions control you.

Sabrina- Isn’t that a lot to ask from a teenager?

Brady Anderson- Yeah and it’ll take you about twenty years to get good at it but you should start now. I mean if you wanna get home.

Sabrina- I do. I don’t like it here. I mean for one thing I’m right handed.

She holds up her left hand and quickly switches it to her right.

Brady Anderson- I’m a lefty myself. I fit in fine. Okay, the first thing you have to do is make amends.

Sabrina- Easy. I’ll just tell everyone I’m sorry. Oh and I’ll turn Libby back from a goat.

Brady Anderson- Good you’ve got a game-plan.

Sabrina- But I’m locked in.

Brady reaches for the door knob and turns it the right way for this laterally inverted world. The door opens easily.

Brady Anderson- Here ya go.

Sabrina- How’d you do that?

Brady Anderson- I choked up on the knob.

Int. Namlleps Kitchen. Adlez sits at the table typing furiously on her lap top. Glasses perched on the end of her nose. Sabrina enters.

Sabrina- Good Morning.

Adlez- Do you mind! I’m working on an article.

Sabrina- Sorry. I just wanted to get some breakfast.

Adlez glances up long enough to point at the table.

Adlez- There, have some porridge.

Sabrina- Thanks.

She picks up the bowl.

Sabrina- (Cont.) Ugh! It’s cold!

Adlez- I’m sorry Goldilocks, the kitchen is closed.

Sabrina- Okay. I’ll just go look for the others.

She sidles off passed her furiously typing and bad tempered aunt.

Int. Namlleps dinning room. Melas sits reading the financial section as Sabrina breezes in.

Sabrina- Good morning Salem. Checking your stocks?

Melas- Yes and they’re all down. Down! Down! Down!

Sabrina- Well you know what goes down must come up.

Melas- Thank you Louis Rookiezer. But if my stocks don’t rally I’ll have to go back to dry food. Now please, I’d like some privacy.

Sabrina leaves as Melas turns back to the paper.

Melas- (Cont.) Oh great. Great! Great! Great!

Int. Namlleps Living room. Sabrina enters through the dining room sliding doors just as a flash of lightning lights up the room.

Sabrina- Aunt Hilda?

Adlih is sat in the arm chair cold, wet and miserable. It probably has something to do with the miniature thunder-storm hovering above her head.

Adlih- What do you want? I’m a little under the weather.

Sabrina- Er maybe I’ll come back later.

She starts to leave.

Adlih- (Calling after) Hey good news! The living room drought is over.

Int. Egdirbtsew High School hallway. Sabrina arrives at her locker with the door still hanging off it’s hinges. She lifts it down and puts it on the floor as Ynnej arrives wearing a floppy felt hat.

Ynnej- Sabrina! I need to talk to you.

Sabrina- Good ‘cause I know you wanted to talk yesterday and now I’m all ears.

Ynney reaches up and removes her hat.

Ynnej- So am I.

Sabrina stares at the place where Ynnej’s long, fiery curls used to be, only they’re gone leaving a cap of short, fiery curls.

Sabrina- What happened to your hair?

Ynnej- It’s gone! And it’s all your fault. So I wanted to talk to you and say I’m not talking to you.

She turns and walks off. Sabrina hurries after her.

Sabrina- Wait! How is it my fault?

Ynnej- As my friend you shouldn’t have let me do this.

Sabrina- I’m sorry. I was in a bad mood yesterday and I wasn’t really listening.

Ynnej- My life is over.

Students walk past smirking and snickering at Ynnej’s hair.

Sabrina- Jenny. What you need is some perspective, okay? First of all, it looks good. No, It looks better than good. It looks... fine. And second, it’s gonna grow out.

Ynnej- That’s right! I forgot. Hair grows.

Sabrina- Yeah. Now just keep saying that and you’ll feel better.

Ynnej- Hair grows. Hair grows.

Ynnej is feeling better already.

Sabrina- Now I’ve gotta go find Harvey. You wanna have lunch?

Ynnej- Okay.

Sabrina- Good!

She heads off down the hallway but stops and turns to her friend.

Sabrina- (Cont.) Hair grows.

Ynnej- Hair grows.

She gives a thumbs up and Sabrina leaves.

Int. School Library. Yevrah sit disconsolately reading ‘Eht Lleb Raj’ alone as Sabrina enters.

Sabrina- Hey Harvey.

Yevrah- Sabrina no! Stay back!

Sabrina- What’s wrong?

Yevrah- You shouldn’t be seen with me. No-one should. Not after how I embarrassed us both in biology.

Sabrina- You mean with Marty the monkey?

Yevrah- Don’t even say that name. I’m trying to forget.

Sabrina- But he was cute.

Yevrah- He was lame. You even said so.

Sabrina- Because I was in a bad mood. But today I love puppets. Where is the little guy?

Yevrah- We had a fight. He’s over there on the floor.

Sabrina goes over and picks up poor Ytram. It’s clear who lost the fight. Ytram is in a pretty sorry state.

Sabrina- Oh-no! Marty? Are you okay?

Ytram- I’m fine. But I’m worried about my friend Harvey.

Sabrina- Well lets go see if we can cheer him up.

Back at the table.

Ytram- Hey Harvey.

Yevrah- What Marty?

Ytram- Sabrina’s sorry. Very sorry. And she thanks you for saving her butt.

Yevrah- (To Sabrina) Y’know, he is kinda cute.

Sabrina- And he’s the reason we got an ‘A’

Yevrah- Well when you put it that way I feel kinda bad that I ripped his eyes out.

Sabrina- Hey, Marty’s used to tragedy

Across the room Drawoh is trying to catch up on some studying but he’s finding it hard with a goat eating his notes.

Drawoh- Hey! That’s my homework! You’re eating my homework!

He tries to snatch back the paper but the goat is too quick.

Sabrina- (Under her breath) Libby?

She dashes over, takes hold of the goat and leads it off while it chomps on Drawoh’s homework

Int. Girls bathroom. Sabrina drags the goat in.

Sabrina- Okay. Libby, I may not be able to stomach saying this to you after I undo the spell so... I’m sorry. I was in a bad mood yesterday but that’s no excuse for turning you into a goat. Even though you totally deserved it.

Ybbil- Ma-a-a-a!

Sabrina- Then we understand each other?

She points at the goat and it metamorphoses into Ybbil who looks extremely confused.

Ybbil- What am I doing in the girls room?

Sabrina- You were going to wash your hands.

Ybbil- I was?

She sniffs at her hands that until a moment ago had been hooves clumping around the school.

Ybbil- (Cont.) Euw!

She rushes over to the sink to wash her hands.

Sabrina- So I was just wondering. Is everything cool between us?

Ybbil- It never was freak.

She reaches for a paper towel to dry her hands.

Sabrina- Good to have you back Libby. Gotta go.

She leaves Ybbil drying her hands and before throwing the used towel in the trash can she rips a piece off with her teeth and starts to chew on it. When she looks in the mirror she is horrified to see the piece of towel sticking out of her mouth and spits it out.

Int. School hallway. Sabrina comes out of the girls room to find Brady Anderson waiting for her on bended knee. With a fan-fare he gets up from the circle.

Brady Anderson- Ah, I’m up.

Sabrina- Brady? You’re at my school. How do you have time to follow me around?

Brady Anderson- I’m your spirit guide. And it’s the off season.

Sabrina- Well I think you should know I’ve been making amends left and right. I mean right and left. Well anyway Jenny, Harvey and Libby are all fine.

Brady Anderson- Afraid that’s not enough. You see your bad mood had a ripple effect. It spread further than you think.

Sabrina- Like to Guam?

Brady Anderson- No. But beyond those three. Frankly you have to cheer up the whole school. Including Mr. Pool.

Sabrina- What happened to Mr. Pool?

Brady Anderson- You might wanna check.

Int. Science class. Sabrina enters to find a heap of green hunched over the desk.

Sabrina- Mr. Pool?

The heap throws back the hood of it’s anorak.

Mr. Loop- Is it morning?

Sabrina- Yeah.

Mr. Loop- I survived.

Sabrina- Survived what?

Mr. Loop- My car wouldn’t start because of the blizzard so I got stuck here. And guess what? They turn off the heat at six!

Sabrina- That’s terrible.

Mr. Loop- What’s worse was that I kept hallucinating that there was a goat running around the school.

Sabrina- Forget about your horrible... twisted dream. I know something that’ll cheer you up.

She nips out of the class door.

Mr. Loop- Oh Sabrina, trust me. Nothing could make... Brady Anderson! Oh I don’t believe it!

He jumps up to shake his hand.

Mr. Loop- (Cont.) Wow, I’m your biggest fan! What are you doing here?

Brady Anderson- I’m in town for some er motivational speaking.

Mr. Loop- To what group?

Brady Anderson- Sabrina.

Mr. Loop- Oh! Would you sign my brain?

He reaches behind him for the model brain he uses for biology.

Brady Anderson- Sure.

Sabrina- (To Brady) Look, I need to go. There’s something I need to do.

Sabrina leaves as Mr. Loop hands Brady his pen and his brain.

Brady Anderson- Which Hemisphere?

Mr. Loop- Er. Just right along the cerebellum is fine.

Int. School Hallway. Yevrah walks with Ynnej.

Yevrah- You look different. Are those new ear-rings?

Ynnej- Actually they are.

Yevrah- People tell me I’m not perceptive.

Sabrina- (Over the school PA) Attention students. This is Sabrina Spellman. I’d like you all to know I was in a bad mood yesterday and I just wanna say I’m sorry. And to make it up to you I have a surprise in the cafeteria. So if you’ll please proceed in an orderly fashion...

The stampede to the cafeteria is already underway.

Int. School Cafeteria. Sabrina leads everyone in. Ynnej stops in her tracks and stares in wonder. Yevrah’s jaw drops open in delight. Everyone ooh’s and ahh’s.

Ynnej- It’s beautiful!

Yevrah- I’ve never seen anything like it.

Sabrina- It’s flaun. And there’s enough for everyone.

And it’s the biggest flaun in the world. Standing as tall as Sabrina and twice as round. It wiggled and jiggled enticingly. ‘Shiny, happy people’ by REM starts up as the entire student body attack the giant flaun. Students dance around it jiggling their bowls of the scrummy dessert. Those who don’t have bowls dive in head first. Laughing students feed it to each other. Lick there bowls clean and go back for more as the party mood flows through the crowd. Only Ybbil stands apart. Sabrina takes a helping of flaun over to her.

Sabrina- Here Libby. Have some flaun.

Ybbil- No thanks. I’m not hungry.

But she does whip the paper serviette from beneath the plate and when no-one is looking takes a bite.

Int. Namlleps kitchen. Sabrina enters carrying a plate of flaun.

Sabrina- Alright. Party time!

Adlez- Oh Sabrina I’m working.

She hasn’t moved since this morning.

Sabrina- Okay then I’ll just put this flaun down over here.

She reaches across Adlez, passing the flaun under her nose as she places it on the table. Adlez’s eyes are drawn magically from the computer screen to the pudding.

Adlez- Flaun! I haven’t taken a break in six hours. But I will for flaun.

Melas appears down the stairs.

Melas- Did someone say flaun?

Adlih comes through from the dinning room drying her hair with a towel.

Adlih- I could go for some flaun!

Sabrina- Never underestimate the power of flaun.

Int. Namlleps upstairs landing. Sabrina runs up the stairs and dashes for her bedroom.

Sabrina- I’m going home!

Int. Anirbas’s bedroom. Sabrina flies in through the door hitting Brady Anderson in the face with it.

Brady Anderson- Aw! Solid contact!

Sabrina- Brady?

Brady Anderson- I came to say goodbye. I’m really glad it all worked out.

Sabrina- Thanks. I couldn’t have done it without you. You really put things in perspective.

Brady Anderson- That’s the key. Now get back to the real world. And remember. Life is a team sport.

He escorts Sabrina to the mirror and sees her safely through it.

Brady Anderson- (Cont.)(To himself) Life is a team sport? How stupid does that sound?

Int. Spellman Kitchen. Sabrina comes down the stairs to find Hilda, Zelda and Salem at their favourite pass time. Doing a jigsaw puzzle.

Sabrina- I’m home!

Zelda- You got out of your bad mood!

Hilda- Good girl.

Salem- What did you bring me?

Sabrina- A big kiss.

She kisses the top of his head.

Salem- Hey! Hey! I can groom myself.

Sabrina- I’m sorry I made such a mess of everything.

Zelda- We cleaned it up. We even kept the blizzard going so all your friends could have a snow day.

Hilda- And we changed Libby back from being a goat. But not before taking a Polaroid so you could treasure the memory for ever.

She hands Sabrina the photo.

Sabrina- So the real world kept going without me?

Zelda nods yes.

Hilda- Teenagers!

Sabrina- Then there’s a call I have to make.

Salem- Well you don’t have to order me a pizza but make it half sausage, half clams.

Sabrina gets up and grabs the phone.

Sabrina- (On phone) Hello Jenny? Did you cut your hair? No? Good, don’t. It’d be the biggest mistake of your life. No, a trim would be fine. Look I’ll call you later and we’ll discuss every hair. Okay. Bye.

She hangs up.

Sabrina- I’m in such a good mood.

Zelda- Well then we should celebrate.

Hilda- And there’s no better way to celebrate than with a woggly joggly flaun.

She points and a happy dessert appears on the table.

Sabrina- This is great. Great! Great! Great!

Hilda, Zelda and Salem give Sabrina a hard look.

Sabrina- (Cont.) I was being sincere.

Int. Sabrina’s bedroom. Sabrina stands in front of the mirror checking out a course knit grey/blue sweater. She not impressed.

Sabrina- Yuck!

She points at herself changing the sweater to a pink velvet sip up.

Run credits.

She’s still not happy and points again. This time it’s a sporty black one

Sabrina- Ooh! Na!

She points again and goes back to her original one.

Sabrina- Yuck!

Anirbas- Enough! I’m not going to stand here all day watching you.

Her reflection turns and walks off having better things to do.

Sabrina- Wait! Come back! Which sweater did you like? Hey, how am I supposed to figure this out without you?

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