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Sabrina, a tini boszorkány

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  2004.10.22. 14:39

As Westbridge turns

Sabrina, The Teenage Witch
As Westbridge Turns
Written By - Nick Bakay
Transcribed By - Paul Booth


Sabrina - Melissa Joan Hart
Hilda - Caroline Rhea
Zelda - Beth Broderick
Salem - Nick Bakay
Harvey - Nate Richert
Jenny - Michelle Beaudoin
Libby - Jenna Leigh Green
Mr Pool - Paul Feig
Jill - Bridget Flanery
Nurse Nancy - Donna D'errico
Janitor Stone - John Loprieno
Fashion Director - Beverly Johnson
Cop - Harold Sylvester

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the characters in this transcript, nor do I own any rights to the television show Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. It was created by Nell Scovell and belongs to her, Viacom Productions Inc, Hartbreak Films, and the ABC Television network. The characters are based on the original characters appearing in Archie Comics.


Int. Spellman kitchen. Sabrina has a girl to cat talk with Salem.

Sabrina- I say this because I love you Salem. It's time you experimented with a new fur colour, you need to update your look.

Salem- But basic black is always in fashion.

Sabrina- How about going blonde? You'd fit in better with the rest of the family.

Salem- Please, think of the roots.

Sabrina- But I wanna do something. Come on, I'm bored.

Salem- Alright, I'll agree to a henna rinse to bring out my natural red highlights but that's it.

Sabrina- Okay, henna it is.

She picks up Salem and carries him over to a strange device on the counter apparently made from an old salon hair dryer.

Salem- And you're sure you know what you're doing?

Sabrina- I triple checked the magic book.

She puts him inside the device and closes the front.

Sabrina- (Cont.) Okay, now get ready to look gorgeous.

Salem- Don't I at least get a magazine?

She points at the device, the inside lights up for a couple of seconds and a timer pings.

Sabrina- All done.

Salem- I'm tingling.

Sabrina- Lets see the new you.

She lifts the front visor and Salem sticks his head out.

Salem- I think it worked.

Sabrina- O-ho!

Salem- O-ho what?

Sabrina holds up a hand mirror for Salem to see the new him. He yelps in horror to see that all his lush black fur has gone.

Salem- (Cont.) I'm naked!

Sabrina- Don't panic, I can fix this.

Salem- How?

Sabrina- I'll go get my aunts.

She runs off to find them.

Salem- (Calling after) And a sweater, I'm freezing my tail off (Sob)

Run opening credits

Int. Westbridge High School hallway. Sabrina's at her locker when Jenny joins her.

Jenny- Hey!

Sabrina- Hey Jenny, whats new?

Jenny- Nothing. Nothing's ever new.

Sabrina- Well we're going to science, maybe something'll blow up.

Int. Science class.

Mr Pool- Alright quiet, focus. Today were going to be looking at the Endocrine system, which includes the thyroid, the pancreas and the eyelets of langohons where I spent my summer vacation.

He laughes at his little joke but the class is totally unresponsive. He holds up his pointer like a microphone and gives it a tap.

Mr Pool- Hello! Is this thing on? Hello!

Int. School Cafeteria. Sabrina sits with Jenny, they pick and play with their food.

Jenny- Fish sticks again. We measure out our lives in fish sticks.

Sabrina- They're not so bad. Look.

She's built a small scale monument out of hers with mashed potato as a foundation.

Sabrina- (Cont.) Fishhenge, a deep fried tribute to the druids. Hey, here comes Harvey, maybe he's got exciting news.

He joins them having heard her.

Harvey- I do.

Sabrina- (To Jenny) See?

Harvey- Yeah, I just got my car realigned. It used to veer slightly to the left, and now it doesn't.

Sabrina- That's it? Okay we are now officially in a rut.

Libby and Jill come over smiling and almost shaking with excitement.

Libby- We have the most exciting news!

Sabrina- Not you.

Libby- We've been asked to join the teen-board of Drake's department store.

Jill- And guess who's modelling formal wear in the school courtyard tomorrow night?

Libby- Me!

Jill- And me!

Sabrina- Why are you telling us?

Libby- We're not telling you, we're telling Harvey. We really need boys to volunteer as escorts.

Harvey- Don't look at me, the only statement I want my clothes to make is 'Please don't stare.'

Libby- But you get to wear a tux and super-shiny shoes.

Harvey- I'd have to lose my mind before I'd do something like that.

Libby- Well let me know if you do.

She leaves with Jill.

Sabrina- Why do they get to have all the fun?

She flicks disconsolately at her fish stick monument, demolishing it.

Int. Spellman Kitchen. Zelda works on her computer at the table as Sabrina arrives home from school.

Sabrina- Hello.

Zelda- Welcome home sunshine, how was your day?

Sabrina- Here's a quick recap. There was boredom followed by dullness with a dash of egh!

Zelda- It can't be that bad?

Sabrina- I'm actually looking forward to my flu shot tomorrow.

Zelda- If you're bored, you know who's to blame.

Sabrina- Libby.

Zelda- No, yourself. You have to make your own excitement, for example I'm working on a theory of inertia and I just can't stop.

Sabrina- You're worse off than me. If I had a life I'd give you half.

Salem- Hey I've got a sure fire way to make time fly. Lint spotting.

Sabrina- Lint spotting?

Salem- Yeah, you pick out a piece of lint and track it through the air. Try it.

Sabrina- Alright, but only because I'm disparate.

She sits on a stool beside Salem and stairs into the air.

Salem- Oh, there's a good one, follow it. Up. Up. Down. Down to the right. Oh it's a feisty one.

Sabrina- I'm going to find aunt Hilda.

Salem- Oh up again. Twirling. Twirling. Hey there's two in play!

Int. Spellman living room. Hilda's watching TV and getting totally drawn in when Sabrina finds her.

Hilda-(To the TV) Don't believe him, every kiss from Blake is a lie.

Sabrina- What are you watching?

Hilda- My favourite soap opera. 'The Burden of Desire'

Sabrina- Catch me up while they jacuzzi.

Hilda- Okay, Blake just quit Sherman Enterprises in anger precipitating a family crisis in which Norma turned to Frank, not Nick, for comfort.

Sabrina- Now that's a Thursday. Why can't my life be exciting like that?

Hilda- It can.

Sabrina- Really! How?

Hilda- Use a spell.

She points at the coffee table and a yellow can appears, she shows it to Sabrina.

Sabrina- Worms? What am I supposed to do with a can of worms?

Hilda- Open it. All emotions will become heightened but be careful, remember you have to take the good with the bad.

Sabrina- Gimme, I'll take whatever I can get.

She takes the can and pops off the plastic top and peels back the aluminium foil revealing the wriggling worms and releasing there magic.

Int. Westbridge High School. The next day, Sabrina's at her locker when Jenny arrives.

Jenny- Hey!

Sabrina- Hey, what's new?

Jenny- Nothing.

Sabrina- Are you sure?

Jenny- Sabrina, today will be a day just like any other.

Nurse Nancy- Out of my way, code blue, stat!

The sexy, young school nurse comes barrelling round the corner with a uniformed medic pushing a trolley laden with medical equipment. Her own equipment is impressive, The short white nurses uniform clings to her curves showing plenty of cleavage and her white nurses cap sits on enormous thick blonde hair.

Jenny- What's going on?

Jill runs by with the answer.

Jill- Pops the janitor just collapsed.

Sabrina- And we have excitement.

Harvey strides over to her.

Harvey- Sabrina, at last I've found you. We need to talk in private.

He pulls sabrina away from Jenny by her hand and round the corner were they don't see Libby listening in.

Sabrina- Is something wrong?

Harvey- No, something's right, very right. Just say you'll meet me by the reflecting pool in the courtyard at twelve thirty-six.

Sabrina- Twelve thirty-six? That's really specific.

Harvey- It's important.

Sabrina- Okay.

The school bell rings.

Sabrina- (Cont.) The bell!

Harvey- We must go.

Sabrina- I'm so happy.

Smiling and holding hands they go off to class.

Libby- But not for long.

Int science class.

Mr Pool- Now we've been dancing around it all year, so lets get to it. Today we're going to study reproduction.

Everyone- Yeah! Whoo! Alright!

Later. Things have quietened down as all the students sit with mouths hanging open.

Mr Pool- So then the sperm hits the ovum and embryo genesis begins.

The bell rings.

Mr Pool- (Cont.) Well, that's all we have time for today.

No one moves.

Mr Pool- You can go now.

They start to come out of their trance like states and Harvey comes over to Sabrina.

Harvey- Until twelve thirty-six my darling.

Sabrina- See ya.

Int. The Nurses office. Pops is lying in bed with a heart monitor in place unaware of Nurse Nancy and Mr Pool's tryst. They hold one another tight.

Mr Pool- Oh Nancy.

Nurse Nancy- Oh Gene.

Mr Pool- Oh we shouldn't, we mustn't. Not during school hours.

Nurse Nancy- I just can't control myself around you Gene.

They close for the kiss just as Sabrina enters.

Sabrina- I'm here for my flu shot.

The lovers quickly part and pretend to be interested in other things but not quite quick enough.

Nurse Nancy- Ah, Mr Pool, your blood pressure is normal.

Mr Pool- Thank you for squeezing me in.

He leaves quickly.

Nurse Nancy- (To Sabrina) Come on, I'll give you your flu shot.

She swabs Sabrina's arm and picks up the hypodermic syringe.

Sabrina- So, are you and Mr Pool dating?

Nurse Nancy- No! Course not.

She waves the needle in front of Sabrina's face threateningly.

Nurse Nancy- (Cont.) And if the school board new anything about this, we'd both be out of jobs. Do you understand?

Sabrina- Yes.

Nurse Nancy- Good, now give me your arm. I promise this wont hurt.

She gives Sabrina her jab.

Nurse Nancy- All done. Would you like a cold compress?

Sabrina- I don't have time. It's twelve thirty, I have to get to Harvey.

Ext. School courtyard, Harvey sits on the lip of the reflecting pool waiting as Sabrina comes out.

Sabrina- Harvey!

Harvey- I thought you weren't going to make it.

He spots the plaster on her arm.

Harvey- (Cont.) A bandaid! Who did this to you?

Sabrina- The nurse, I had a flu shot.

Harvey- Oh, okay.

Sabrina- So what did you wanna tell me that couldn't wait till twelve thirty-seven?

Harvey- Something I should have said a long time ago. I think we should go steady.

Sabrina- Steady? I'd like that. I'd like that a lot.

Harvey- And I want to give you something so we'll never forget this moment.

He takes a jewellery case from his back pocket and hands it to Sabrina. She opens it.

Sabrina- A bracelet! It's beautiful.

Harvey- Read the inscription.

Sabrina- (Reading) Harvey digs Sabrina.

Harvey- Look on the back.

Sabrina- (Reading) Twelve thirty-six?

Harvey- That's what time it was when we first spoke in the cafeteria on your first day at school.

Sabrina puts on the bracelet.

Sabrina- Oh Harvey, it's perfect.

Harvey- No, you're perfect.

Int Science class. Libby pulls out drawers and digs through Mr Pool's stuff as Jill keeps watch at the door.

Jill- Libby! We shouldn't be in here.

Libby pulls a bottle from the top left hand drawer.

Libby- (Reading the label) Stool softener? Euw!

Jill- What are you looking for?

Libby- A way to bring Sabrina Spellman down. I'm going to plant something of Mr Pool's on her, then sit back and watch her take the fall.

Jill- You are pure evil.

Libby- Thanks. Now if I can just find the answer key to next weeks test, or something even better.

She pulls out a jewellery box from the top right drawer and opens it, Jill comes over for a look.

Libby- (Cont.) Like a diamond ring.

Jill- What's Mr Pool doing with a diamond ring?

Libby takes it from the case and holds it up.

Libby- Dreaming. Do you hear something? We gotta get outa here.

She closes the empty box and stuffs it back in the drawer and the two thieves run for the other door. They get out just before Mr Pool comes in whistling the wedding march to himself and looking very happy. He goes to his desk and takes out the jewellery box, he slips it in his pocket. As he's about to leave he hears a buzzing.

Mr Pool- Ah! Wasp!

He bats at it a couple of times before pulling his jacket up over his head and dashing from the class room.

Int School hallway. Mr Pool comes out of the science class room and pulls the door shut. He walks up to a man leaning against the wall.

Mr Pool- Excuse me, have you seen the new janitor?

The man turns, he's dark and rugged looking with an eye patch over his right eye. His shirts open to the waist.

Janitor Stone- You're looking at him. People call me Stone, Stone Burton. I came to Westbridge looking for a second chance.

Mr Pool- Then er, don't eat the meat-loaf. Anyway, I saw a wasp in my office. It's got me worried, I think there might be a nest.

Janitor Stone- A wasps nest, that could be deadly. Let's hope you're wrong.

Int. School cafeteria. Sabrina sits with Harvey and enjoys a romantic candle lit hamberger.

Harvey- Well here we are, back to where it all started.

Sabrina- Mmm, good sloppy Joe.

Libby comes over and sits beside Sabrina.

Libby- I just heard the most amazing thing. Did you know FDR had three vice presidents? John S, Garner, Henry Wallace and Harry Truman.

They don't see her slip Mr Pool's diamond ring into Sabrina's bag as she speaks.

Libby- (Cont.) Well that's all, see ya.

She gets up and starts to leave.

Harvey- Wow! Libby was friendly.

Sabrina- A little too friendly.

Libby's made it half way to the cafeteria door when she's attacked. The loud buzzing comes from the air ducts.

Libby- Aaah! Wasps.

Harvey reacts quickly and throws his jacket over Sabrina's head and stands protectively over her.

Libby- (Cont.) Keep them away from me, I'm terribly allergic.

She's stung on the neck and yelps, shuffling sideways so she can collapse dramatical into Harvey's arms.

Sabrina- What happened?

Harvey- She's in epileptic shock! I have to get her to the nurse.

He runs towards the door but swings around first.

Harvey- (Cont.) Wait for me.

Sabrina- I will.

Int. The Nurses office. Nurse Nancy is powdering her thousand dollar nose when Harvey rushes in with the unconscious Libby in his arms.

Harvey- Help! Help! Wasp sting.

The nurse goes over to the cupboard and sweeps everything on it onto the floor.

Nurse Nancy- Put her over here.

While Harvey does that she gets her trusty hypo and squirts a bit out of the needle.

Nurse Nancy- She needs Epinephrine and she needs it now. Don't you quit on me!

She jabs the needle home, then tosses it over her shoulder as Libby comes too.

Nurse Nancy- There.

Libby- Where am I?

Nurse Nancy- The Nurses office. You're going to make it thanks to this young man.

Libby- Oh Harvey, I...

Harvey- (Interrupting) Shhh! You need to rest.

Nurse Nancy- Help me get her to a bed.

Harvey and the nurse support Libby as the go through to the school emergency ward.

Harvey- Hows Pops?

Nurse Nancy- His heart is weak but he's a fighter. I'll go get a cold compress.

Harvey helps Libby onto the bed beside Pops as the nurse leaves.

Harvey- As long as you're okay, I'll be getting back to lunch.

Libby- Don't go, stay with me Harvey.

Harvey- No, I have to follow my heart and return to Sabrina.

He starts to leave.

Libby- I don't know what you see in her.

Harvey- I don't know what you don't.

He leaves and Libby slumps back on her bed. Pops heart monitor flat lines with a continuous high pitched tone.

Libby- How annoying!

She sits up, grabs her pillow and whacks old Pops on the chest with it. The monitor starts to beep regularly again.

Int. School hallway. Harvey comes out of the nurses office and goes to the water fountain passing the new janitor on his way.

Janitor Stone- Good day.

Harvey- It is, isn't it.

He bends down for a drink just as the janitor lifts the ladders that he's been using to hunt wasps. They teeter and start to fall.

Janitor Stone- Rogue ladder, look out.

Harvey has no chance as the ladder topples on top of him. The janitor looks down at the stricken pupil.

Janitor Stone- (Cont.) Good lord, now I have to move again.

Int. School emergency ward. Nurse Nancy sits buffing her nails as the Janitor carries the unconscious Harvey in.

Janitor Stone- Incoming!

He puts him down on a bed.

Libby- What happened to Harvey?

Janitor Stone- He took a ladder to the head. (To Nurse Nancy) He's in your hands now.

Nurse Nancy- I'll go get a cold compress.

Libby- Is that all you do?

Nurse Nancy- My hands are tied by the state.

The nurse and the janitor leave, Libby jumps from her bed and goes over to Harvey.

Libby- Harvey! Harvey speak to me.

She gives him a shake and he comes to.

Harvey- Hey!

Libby- Harvey, you're awake.

Harvey- Who's Harvey?

Libby- You don't know who you are?

Harvey- No. Who are you?

Libby- I'm Libby, don't you remember?

Harvey- Actually I don't remember anything.

Libby- (Thinking) Amnesia, I can work with this. (Talking) Listen, no matter what anyone says, I'm your girlfriend. I'm the only one you can trust, you got that?

Harvey- And you are?

Libby- Libby.

Sabrina comes running in.

Sabrina- Harvey, I've just heard. Are you okay?

Harvey- Yeah. Who are you?

Sabrina- You don't know me? I'm Sabrina, your girlfriend.

Harvey- I don't think so. This is my girlfriend.

Sabrina- Libby!

Harvey- Yeah, Libby.

Sabrina- Oh no, Harvey has amnesia. This can't be happening.

Libby- It can and is. Now I think you'd better go, *my* boyfriends had enough excitement for one day.

She takes hold of Sabrina's arm and drags her from the ward into the nurses office.

Sabrina- But Harvey!

Harvey- Nice meeting you.

Int. Nurses office.

Sabrina- What are you doing?

Libby- Ruining your life. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go remind Harvey about being in the fashion show.

Sabrina- You're going to make him wear a tux?

Libby- And a cummerbund and you can't stop me.

Int. School cafeteria. Sabrina sips coffee with Jenny.

Jenny- I can't believe Libby did that.

Sabrina- And now the whole schools going to see them together tonight at the fashion show.

Jenny- Don't worry, I've got a plan. She'll get hers.

Sabrina- What d'you mean?

Jenny- If I told you, you'd only try to stop me. Just be at the fashion show.

Jenny gets up to leave.

Sabrina- (Calling after) Jenny!

Jenny turns.

Sabrina- (Cont.) Be careful.

Int. Science class. Nurse Nancy sits on a lab bench cross legged as Mr Pool makes his play.

Mr Pool- Of course I can't offer you riches until society decides to reward it's teachers but I can offer you this.

He holds up the jewellery box and opens it for her to see the beautiful diamond ring.

Mr Pool- (Cont.) Nancy, would you be my...

Nurse Nancy- (Interrupting) Gene!

She takes the box and turns it to show him.

Nurse Nancy- (Cont.) It's empty.

Mr Pool- What!

Later. Nurse Nancy has gone and a Cop takes her place in the science class. The incriminating empty jewellery box sits on the lab bench, it doesn't have legs so they're not crossed.

Mr Pool- Don't you understand, I gave up professional hair cuts to buy that ring?

Cop- I can see that sir, but lets stick to the facts. Who has access to your room?

Mr Pool- Everyone. I don't lock my door, I'm always here. Except I had to stop by the nurses office today.

Cop- Can you pin-point the time you were out?

Mr Pool- Between twelve thirty and twelve forty.

Cop- Lock the exits, I'm going to crack this case if I have to search everyone on campus.

Int. School cafeteria. Sabrina sits sipping her coffee and thinking over her problems.

Sabrina- (Thinking)How could Harvey forget me? And what is Libby's scheme? This spell is taking some strange twists and turns, but it sure makes a good cup of coffee.

She's lost in thought and doesn't see Mr Pool and the Cop until they're right on top of her.

Cop- Excuse me ma'am.

Sabrina- (Thinking)You mean me? (Talking) Oh, you mean me?

Cop- We'd like permission to search your back-pack.

Mr Pool- Oh, I see no reason to disturb Sabrina, she's one of my best students.

Sabrina- Oh, it's okay Mr Pool, go ahead.

She puts her bag on the table and the cop looks through it.

Sabrina- (Cont.) So, what you looking for?

The cop holds up the diamond ring.

Cop- This.

Mr Pool- Sabrina, how could you! You stole my ring.

Sabrina- I didn't!

Cop- I'm calling your legal guardians and bringing you down town.

He takes her by the arm and pulls her towards the door.

Sabrina- What? Why? How?

Cop- I'll ask the questions.

Int. School hallway. The Cop has Sabrina in one hand, her nap-sack in the other as he brings her out of the cafeteria.

Sabrina- This is a mistake, I've never stole anything in my whole life.

Cop- We'll discuss it at the station.

Sabrina- But I don't know how that ring got in my bag.

And then suddenly she does as she sees Libby gloating smirk at her predicament.

Sabrina- (Cont.) Libby, she set me up. You've got the wrong person. Get her! Get her! Get her! Get her! Get her!

As she disparately keeps pointing at Libby and gesticulating her new bracelet slips unnoticed from her wrist and manages to lodge itself in one of the air vent grills in the ceiling. The cop hustles his prisoner off to the slammer passed the jubilant Libby

Libby- Bye bye.

Int. Down town, the station house interview room. A stark room with a table and two chairs and a filing cabinet. There's no desk light for the cop to shine in Sabrina's face as he interrogates her so he makes do with a desk fan.

Cop- Where were you today between twelve thirty and twelve forty?

Sabrina- In the courtyard with Harvey.

Cop- Any witnesses?

Sabrina- Harvey.

Cop- Any witnesses who can remember their own name?

Sabrina- No, but I have proof. Look!

She thrusts forward her right wrist, he looks and doesn't see anything. She looks and thrusts out her left wrist but that's also bare.

Sabrina- (Cont.) Oh no, my bracelets gone, but it was engraved with the exact time Harvey gave it to me, twelve thirty-six.

Cop- Which would make for the perfect alibi, if such a bracelet existed.

He stands over her his bulk threatening,

Cop- (Cont.) Now let's starts from the top.

Sabrina's saved from the bad cop, bad cop treatment by a knock on the door. Her aunts enter.

Cop- (Cont.) And who are you?

Zelda- We're Sabrina's aunts. Has she been charged?

Cop- Not formaly.

Hilda- May we speak to her alone detective?

Cop- Sure, maybe you can get a straight answer out of her.

He leaves.

Hilda- Sabrina, what's going on?

Sabrina- It's this spell, it's totally out of control. Make it stop.

Zelda- We can't do that. You opened a can of worms and until they wriggle their way to a dramatic climax you're stuck.

Sabrina- But I am in so much trouble. The police think I stole the ring Mr Pool bought for the nurse but Libby's seting me up to get me out of the way because she wants to steal my boyfriend who has amnesia.

Hilda- Oh this is even better than 'Burden of Desire'... Except that it's happening to you.

Int. Westbridge High School Hallway. Libby is dressed to kill in a black and white, full skirted evening gown with three quarter length gloves waiting to go out on the catwalk for the fashion show. Jill comes through in a gorgeous blue silk number.

Jill- The place is really filling up.

The fashion Directors of Drake's department store comes in wearing an equally stunning gold gown and claps her hands.

Fashion Director- Five minutes to show time and please remember, you're Drake girls now.

Harvey shows up in his tux complete with cummerbund and bow tie.

Libby- Harvey, You look cute and...? How about me?

Harvey- Ah, you look great...

He glances down at his palm were he's written her name.

Harvey- (Cont.) ...Libby.

Int. School utility room. Jenny makes her preparations dressed in combat fatigues. She pours the signal red gloss enamel into the funnel to fill her super soaker 5000.

Jenny- (Thinking) just a little more, there. She's not going to steel Sabrina's boyfriend.

She fits the filled cell to the gun and pumps the pump action. Then she climbs up on some boxes and opens the grill to the air ducts.

Jenny- (Thinking) Now all I have to do is crawl through this duct to the vent overlooking the fashion show and then we'll see who's face is red... and glossy.

Once inside she pulls the grill closed behind her and starts to crawl on her elbows and knees, commando style.

Int. School hallway. The cop has let Sabrina and her aunts come and look for the missing bracelet. They also crawl on their hands and knees as they search the hallways for any sign of it. except for Hilda who walks with a metal detector. And they call her the thick one, ha!

Cop- Okay, you have fifteen minutes to find the bracelet.

Sabrina- It should be somewhere around here. I'm almost positive I had it in the cafeteria.

They search the hallway outside the cafeteria doors and Zelda makes a find.

Zelda- Hey look! Oh wait, it's just a gum wrapper.

Sabrina- A gum wrapper won't save me now.

Ext. School courtyard. The catwalk is set up from the school doors to the reflecting pool with students and guests sat on either side. The fashion Director stands at the microphone.

Fashion Director- Lets get things started with Jill and Chet.

As Jill and her escort take the catwalk Mr Pool takes his seat in front of nurse Nancy and turns to her.

Mr Pool- We must talk.

Nurse Nancy- Meet me by the pool after the show.

Mr Pool- I can't wait that long.

Nurse Nancy- Shh! Fashion.

Int. School air duct. Jenny crawls on, on her mission impossible.

Int. School hallway. Sabrina's finished searching her locker.

Sabrina- I've found a missing ear-ring, my lost sun-glasses, an overdue library book, which would all be great if I wasn't going to jail!

Hilda- Oh, there's the hunky janitor, he'll help us.

He walks past looking at the ceiling and holding his mop as a weapon.

Zelda- Sir, have you seen a bracelet?

Janitor Stone- I've seen a lot of things... but no bracelet.

Sabrina- Are you sure, it's silver and has an alibi engraved on it?

Janitor Stone- I'd like to help you ma'am but this entire schools in danger. You see, I'm huntin' wasps.

He stalks off after his pray.

Sabrina- Then it's over, it's hopeless. We'll never find my bracelet.

Int. Hallway, by the catwalk. Libby gives last minute instructions to Harvey.

Libby- Now Harvey, I don't wanna overload you but there's one more thing you have to remember.

Harvey- What?

Libby- When we get to the end of the runway you have to kiss me.

Harvey- Okay.

Libby- Oh, this is the best night of my life, total control.

Int. School air duct. Jenny's getting closer.

Jenny- (Thinking) Twenty more yards and it's splatterday.

She hears a buzzing sound.

Jenny- (Talking) What was that? A wasp! Help! Somebody HELP!

Int School hallway, Sabrina, her aunts and the Cop all hear her cry for help coming from the ceiling. So does the Janitor who runs round the corner with a step ladder.

Sabrina- Jenny, in the ceiling do something.

Janitor Stone- Don't worry, stand back. I've got a ladder and I know how to use it.

Zelda- Hang on Jenny.

The janitor quickly has the ladder set up under the grill outside the cafeteria and works the release catch.

Janitor Stone- All right, I've got her.

The grill drops open and Jenny falls out onto the floor with a thump, but she's not the only thing to fall from the grill.

Janitor Stone- No I don't.

Sabrina- Jenny! Are you okay?

Jenny- Yes, my hair broke my fall.

Sabrina- My bracelet! You found my bracelet.

She takes the bracelet to the Cop.

Sabrina- (Cont.) Look, Harvey digs Sabrina, twelve thirty-six.

Cop- Okay your story check out, you're off the hook. (To Jenny) But you young lady have some explaining to do.

Janitor Stone- We have to evacuate the area, there's a swarm headed this way.

They all run for it but Zelda pulls up stoping Hilda and Sabrina.

Zelda- Wait!

Sabrina- I can't wait, I have to get to Harvey and make him remember.

Zelda- But first you have to look fabulous.

With a point she makes her niece look just that in a silver, embroidered silk ball gown with matching white elbow length gloves and her hair up.

Sabrina- Wow!

Ext. The fashion show.

Fashion Director- Our next couple is dressed for a magical night, representing the sophomore class, Harvey and Libby.

And they make a wonderful couple as they walk down the catwalk arm in arm to the applause of the audience. When they reach the end by the reflecting pool.

Harvey- Aren't I supposed to kiss you now?

Libby- Oh Harvey, you remembered.

They lean in for the kiss as a silver streak hurtles down the walkway.

Sabrina- Stop!

She pushes in front of Harvey and faces her enemy.

Sabrina- (Cont.) You can't kiss him, Harvey's my boyfriend.

Libby- What are you doing here, I thought I sent you to juvie.

Sabrina- Your little scheme failed and now I'm back to reclaim what's rightfully mine.

She turns to Harvey and shows him the bracelet.

Sabrina- (Cont.) Look.

Harvey- (Reading) Harvey digs Sab.. I'm Harvey and I dig Sabrina, that's right! And Roger Clements signed for the Bluejay's, it's all coming back to me.

Sabrina- (To Libby) He remembers.

Libby- You've ruined everything.

They square up eye to eye.

Sabrina- Harvey was never yours.

Libby- You're going down Spellman.

She grabs Sabrina by the arms.

Sabrina- And I'm taking you with me.

She grabs Libby's arms and they tussle, pulling and pushing until they fall sideways into the reflecting pool. They both come up spluttering and fighting and drenched to the skin.

Libby- Freak!

Sabrina- Tramp!

Libby- Super-freak!

Sabrina- Super-tramp!

Hilda- Go with the jab, stay inside,

Zelda- Tough left, lets get in there.

Zelda gets a grip of Sabrina and pulls her off.

Zelda- (Cont.) Okay, break it up.

Libby- Whore!

Sabrina- Loser!

Hilda- And enough.

Sabrina- Why'd you pull me off? I had her!

Zelda- Why are you fighting with Libby when there's a guy over there who's just remembered he's crazy about you?

Sabrina- Good point.

She turns to Harvey who's still stood watching the show from the catwalk.

Sabrina- (Cont.) Harvey,

Harvey- Sabrina.

It's not easy to walk through a knee deep pool in a sodden ball gown but she makes it and he helps her out and into his arms.

Sabrina- I missed you.

Harvey- I missed you to.

They hug. At the other side of the pool the fashion Director has hold of a very damp Libby.

Libby- But she attacked me!

Fashion Director- She did not, and for conduct unbecomeing of a Drake girl I hereby excommunicate you from the teen-board.

Libby- What! (Sob) This is the worst night of my life. (Sob)

She plops down into the pool, her dress ballooning up about her. Meanwhile, in the audience.

Nurse Nancy- Now what was it you were going to say to me.

Mr Pool pulls away his chair and gets down on one knee.

Mr Pool- Nancy, I would be honoured if you would agree to be my...

Cop- (Interrupting) Help!

The Cop runs onto the walkway.

Cop- (Cont.) Is there a nurse in the house?

Nurse Nancy- I'm a nurse, what's wrong?

Cop- The janitors just been attacked by a swarm of wasps.

Nurse Nancy- Code blue, and get me a cold compress.

She runs off into the school.

Mr Pool- (Calling after) I'll wait for you Nancy.

Cop- (To the Fashion Director) Excuse me, I don't mean to be rude but have you ever been to the Grand Canyon?

Fashion Director- Only as a child.

Cop- Beverly?

Fashion Director- Kenneth?

Cop- My long lost sister.

The fall crying into each others arms. A soggy Sabrina sits next to Harvey on the edge of the catwalk.

Harvey- I can't believe I ever forgot you.

Sabrina- I don't blame you, I blame the ladder.

He puts the bracelet back on her wrist and wraps her in his arms to ward off the evening chill. They sit until only they, the waiting Mr Pool and Libby are left. Libby splashes with frustration in the pool.

Int. Spellman kitchen. Sabrina's bathed and ready for bed as are her aunts, they sit drinking coffee round the table, Salem sits on the counter.

Sabrina- Tomorrow I just want everything back to normal. I'm off excitement for a while.

Zelda- Good idea.

Sabrina- But there's still one thing I'm curious about, I wonder if Mr Pool ended up with nurse Nancy?

Hilda- Oh I'm sure, what could possibly go wrong?

Salem- Dum-dum-dum!

Ext. The after the fashion show. Hours later Mr Pool still waits for his one true love. She comes out at last.

Nurse Nancy- Gene.

Mr Pool- Nancy! You're back. You look tired.

Nurse Nancy- I could use a cold compress. Now what was it you wanted to say?

Mr Pool- Oh Nancy, hear me out. I would be honoured if you would be my wife?

Nurse Nancy- Oh Gene, if only you'd asked me an hour ago. How can I put this? I've met someone.

Mr Pool- Who!

Nurse Nancy- It's better that you don't know. I'm going away Gene. I only hope that you can forgive me.

She leaves.

Mr Pool- (Calling after) But wait! You can't!

He turns looking heart broken.

Mr Pool- (Cont.) Ah well, I got a lot further than I thought I would.

He smiles, slips his hands in his pockets and walks off.

Int. School hallway. Nurse Nancy comes through the fire doors and walks up the janitor Stone who's leaning against the wall with a packed bag beside him. His face and arms are covered in sting ointment.

Janitor Stone- How did he take it?

Nurse Nancy- He'll be fine. Gene's strong and has both eyes. You need me more.

Janitor Stone- It was worth being stung hundreds of times, it's what brought us together.

Nancy picks up the bag and they walk off arm in arm.

Int. Spellman kitchen. Sabrina and Salem stares off into space side by side.

Run credits.

Sabrina- Up. Up. Down. Whoa!

Salem- Whoa. Loop-de-loop!, whoo.

Sabrina- That was crazy.

Salem- I'm glad you decided to give lint spotting another chance Sabrina.

Sabrina- Me to. For the first hour it was kinda boring but now I'm captivated by the subtlety, the nuance, the constant struggle to stay aloft. I mean I now understand, it's a metaphor for life.

Salem- Sabrina.

Sabrina- Yeah?

Salem- You need to get out more.

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